• What's in a Name?

    There has been much debate over the years and many interesting theories as to why the club has a unique title. Some suggest the name is linked to the Mechanics Institute (now the Town Hall). Others suggest the name came from the many men who came from the South to work on the new railway line being constructed. To find the best authority on the origins of the name we need to look at the writings of Colin G. Watson (Many will know him as 'Yankee'). In 1984 Colin published a very insightful and well researched book, 'FORRES MECHANICS The First Hundred Years'.

    In the book Colin suggests the following:

    Despite being the oldest Association Football Club in the North of Scotland, Forres Mechanics were not at the time of their formation the oldest club in the town of Forres, there having been in existence for fully two years the St. Lawrence Club.

    Colin goes on to explain that some members of this club appeared to be out of favour and failed to feature in games against local rivals.